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Hey You!

Let's Create YourDream
Real Estate Business!

Make more money attracting ideal clients, and have

fun doing it

When you are fully aligned in your business you will thrive.  You deserve to have a business that empowers you, gives you freedom and joy, all while helping others.  

Find out how you want to grow your business based on what you like doing.  Find the focus and passion to manifest your joy and others.

Hi There, I'm Tristen

Let's be Empowered Agents

Being a realtor is amazing...or, it can feel overwhelming.  I'm here to help you empower your business so you can live the life you dream of.

I will teach you how to attract clients you love, create systems that are easy to master, so you can create freedom in your life. 

I'm a top realtor and a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming coach who transforms your mindset and tactics to thrive in real estate and beyond.

Oh, yeah, I'm a mom of 5, chicken and golden retriever mom, yoga teacher and avid outdoorsy person...let's build the business that reflects you.

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Start or Grow an Empowered 
Real Estate Business.

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Weekly Real Estate Coaching

to get the results you want 

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Free downloadable plan to 

get organized.

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Join our weekly masterminds online

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When we are aligned with modern marketing, an unstoppable mindset, and follow our core values, we build a business that we love

Tristen is inspiring and motivating.  She helped me design a system that is unique to me.

Masterminding with this group has given me so many ideas to attract and maintain my ideal clients.

I love the ideas Tristen has! She has helped me get focused on what I really want.

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