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Morning Questions to Start Your Day Happy And Productive

Tristen Campanella, Host of The Empowered Agent Podcast & Mindset Coach

Lately, I've adopted the practice of weekly and daily planning to set a positive tone for my day. Previously, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus on tasks throughout the day. It's made a massive difference! No longer am I flitting aimlessly from task to task - I'm focused and present. By dedicating time to plan out my day, I've gained much-needed clarity and peace, allowing me to fully enjoy my day.

In Tristan Ahumada's book, "Real Estate Prospecting," he provides a list of questions to ask oneself in the morning and evening. These questions have helped me become more aware of my impact on the world and others. I'm more aware of my impact on others, and this awareness is already changing the game for me, both on a personal and a professional level.

By using these questions to mentally prepare, you can increase self-awareness and better connect with yourself on a daily basis. This can help you to achieve your goals and foster stronger connections with others as well.

How to Start Your Day

Morning Questions

  1. What is my directive today? Use this to guide your day so that the message you focus on will direct my day and keep you on the right track.

  2. What am I looking forward to today? This keeps you focused on the good aspects of life. Things you are excited about. Starting off with the focus on the good kick starts the reticular activating system in the right direction. - What happens today is going to be amazing!

  3. What good can I do today? Purposefully direct your mind to the search for the good you can do today.

  4. Who can I thank by call, text, video message, social media, card or letter? This is so rewarding!

  5. What will I do today that will challenge my current mindset to grow? What are you avoiding that could help you grow. Write it out and see if you can tackle it. Take small actions like reading or listening to a podcast.

  6. What might I struggle with today and how might I deal with it? Think deeper about what could come up? Prospecting, meeting you have, difficult conversation, or anything that may derail you. Push to think about the solution before you encounter a problem. This helps us to stop living in a reaction state and become more proactive.

  7. What have I been putting off that I need to work on and put in my schedule? This is here so you don’t let go of a dream, a goal, or something you longed for but just haven’t made time to finish.

  8. How do I want to feel today? This is so simple yet overlooked daily. It’s up to us how we decide to feel!

Night Time Questions

  1. Am I pleased with the way you lived your life today? Yes or No? How did I interact with others? Did I treat people well? If not, what could I have done to connect with people better?

  2. What’s one situation I handled well today and what did I learn from it? It is important to focus on what you did well to create a pattern daily.

  3. Were any of my actions motivated by negative strong emotions such as anger, hatred, sadness, self-centeredness, or pride? This is one I struggle with. I don’t always like the answer, but it helps me become more aware of my thoughts and actions throughout the day. Be prepared to feel awkward and a bit challenged, but it’s worth it

  4. Were any of my actions influenced by positive emotions such as happiness, kindness, gratitude or selflessness?

  5. Was I a good example to those around me today? We are here on this earth to inspire and help each other grow. The more you ask yourself this question l the more aware you will be of your daily actions.

  6. Was I aware of the emotions of others today? The more sensitive you become to other people’s emotions, the easier it will be to connect with them. This question will make you more compassionate, loving and more aware of the true feelings of others.

  7. Was my energy level high today and what can I learn from that? What is your most productive time of day? When did you feel most drained? Were you eating well and hydrating?

You have just discovered key questions you can ask yourself every morning and evening to instantly make your day better and more productive. By reflecting on these questions each morning, you will become more focused and give yourself an achievable set of objectives for the day. It may take some time to develop the habit of implementing these questions into your everyday morning routine, but once you get into the swing of it, it becomes second nature, and positive changes will soon be noticed in how your day unfolds.

Since we all lead such busy lives, taking a few minutes each morning to review these thought-provoking questions can help bring clarity and inner peace that you so desperately need. So why not give it a try? Try jotting down 3 things you’re grateful for and truly enjoying each day with gusto! Do you think these questions will help you?

I'd love to hear which of these questions impacts you the most!

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