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Stop Overwhelm! How to plan your week for Success in Real Estate.

Every week on Mondays, I spend some time and set a plan with myself for the week. I have a weekly planning template I use, and I'll be happy to send it to you to help you avoid overwhelm and manifest your goals.

In this article, I’ll share with you what I do every week as part of my plan that helps me to achieve the outcome that I want. Read on!

Practicing Gratitude For What You Did Well

Part of my plan on Mondays is to express gratitude for what I did well last week. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget to acknowledge or record what I did well last week and instead beat myself up for what I didn't get done. So, I like starting my plan with asking, “what did I do well last week, and what would I like to improve on.”

And because we’re in real estate, we also want to ensure we set up how many buyers and sellers we want to put into escrow this week. From there, it is pretty easy, and we can work backward and see how many people we want to talk to in a day which is one of our biggest goals. In addition, you should also set up your week to include the people with whom you will have one-on-one meet-ups. This can be a past client you want to have coffee or lunch with to stay in touch.

After setting everything up, personally, I have to block everything on my calendar and include a little clip of what it looks like. This allows me to set the intention that I’m going to manifest my plan for it to happen.

Block Personal Time On Your Calendar

As a busy real estate agent here in San Diego, sometimes I tend to work 7 days a week, and I forget to put on personal time on my calendar for myself, my family, exercise, and meet-ups with friends.

Planning my week helps me plug in personal time at least four times a week when I do something I really want to do. I also set time to do something personally like washing my car, doing crap in the house, washing my dog, paying my bills, and other fun things that can get pushed on the wayside as I’m driven in my goals.

So, make sure you schedule personal time, one-on-one with people you want to stay in touch with, and set goals for the week on how many people you want to open escrow with and the number of sellers and buyers you want to be working with.

Integrate and Update Your Google Calendar

After setting up and planning everything, take all the information to your google calendar. My google calendar is color-coded, and this allows me to add both to add different activities.

For instance, if I’m doing a seller lead follow-up based on my home BRRR activity or following current leads, they all go in the calendar. I try to have 5 hours a week, if not more, of solid lead generation time. In addition, I do focus calls, and they are pretty simple. I pick people on my plan for the week, check if they have something to celebrate, a birthday, or a bay, and I call and text them.

The other thing to add to your google calendar is customer service calls. Personally, I do this once a week (every Wednesday for one hour) for anybody currently in escrow, anybody I’m working with, and anyone with any questions.

I also set appointments for the weekend; this can be showings, listing appointments, and anybody I need to follow up with. Doing this gives me time to find properties that people might be interested in, research the property and send it to them. Lastly, I’ve networking time, and that comes up once a month.

Why It’s Important To Plan Your Week

It is so important to plan out your week and not just head into it with no plan because you cannot really have a desired outcome if you’re just going willy-nilly on things.

You have to program your mind as we do in NLP to achieve the outcome that you want and model the success of the people that are having the success that you want-

Make the manifestation memorable in your day and week through planning.

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